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    We envision a world where all humans heal.
    Our mission is to empower you to RISE and THRIVE beyond your circumstances.
    Every day we serve those in challenging situations using a trauma-informed, healing-centered approach.
    Our purpose is to bring hope healing and direction.

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  • Creating possibility through connection, partnership and collaboration.

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Education Meets Lived Experience

We merge behavioral science and coaching to empower you to rise and thrive beyond your circumstances. 

We want you to create the life YOU want for yourself, whatever that may be. 


Our Founder

Racquel is a Certified Addiction Counselor, Interventionist, Recovery Coach, expert trainer, presenter and entrepreneur. She founded HardBeauty in 2019 with the mission of empowering people to rise and thrive beyond their circumstances through a trauma-informed healing-centered approach. HardBeauty stands alongside youth and adults in recovery from substance misuse, abuse, mental health, homelessness, poverty and trauma The HardBeauty Foundation cultivates connection and creates community through partnerships, grants and fundraising.


At the root of all of her work, Racquel believes that building community and exploring all pathways are the basis of thriving in a life of recovery. HardBeauty offers online workshops, classes, all recovery meetings and more. Their brick-and-mortar community space in Castle Rock services members of the community, friends and family. Prior to founding HardBeauty and HardBeauty Foundation, Racquel created Helping Everyone Recover, a non-profit, to help people rebuild after the Black Forest Fire in southern Colorado in 2014. She continues to expand HardBeauty and offer her expertise to organizations nationwide while working individually with countless people, helping them to build rewarding and joyful lives.


Having suffered a good deal of trauma in her life, Racquel is in long-term recovery from substance use and trauma. She is thriving in her life in recovery and built HardBeauty from the ground up so that she could use her talents and knowledge to help others thrive in their lives. A life in recovery means being our best selves and belonging to a community of honest, authentic people to share our successes and setbacks with. Hardbeauty offers the resources to achieve both.


In addition to creating HardBeauty, Racquel works as a trainer and facilitator at C4 Innovations, a national organization which provides services to the Opiate Response Network, SAMSHA, State of New York, Yale, Harvard and more.


In her spare time, she LOVES being with her husband of 25 years, Chris. 4 Children, Jordan, Mackenzie, Jayden, Jesse and her bonus children Sabryna, Shea and Sebastyan. She loves her quiet Colorado Mountain home and small-town living. Read More


"HardBeauty coaching is about real change for people willing to do the work.
Your desire for change must be greater than your desire for things to stay the same."
 -Racquel Garcia

Traditional yet Unique

Coaching and Healing for Everyone

Youth Coaching Ages 14-24
Adult Coaching Men and Women
Community, Workshops & Events
HardBeauty Boutique

"YOU can overcome the hard and create a life of beauty at any age!” – Racquel Garcia



Free Downloads below...

Below are a few free tools for you to use and share. We use these on the regular.

HardBeauty Affirmations

Create a stillness within using our HardBeauty affirmations.  We have seen the lives of youth and adults change simply by repeating these affirmations out loud.  Racquel says them on her Instagram story from time to time, @hardbeautycoach.  Print this beautiful template and frame it. Pssst...we grabbed our frame from the dollar store, and since it's an image you can share it on social media.

Goal Digger Plan

It's not always easy to achieve what we want, but nothing worth having ever is.  


The 5 Keys, combined with the HardBeauty Goal Demolition Plan, will make your goals simpler to achieve. One step at a time.

My clients and I use the demo plan for our business and personal goals. We have all seen success and would love to hear how this goal diggin' plan works for you.

Motivation Workbook
If you are human, then you have struggled with motivation at one time or another. Dig deep and uncover the motivation to create the life you have always wanted for yourself.   This is great for young people too.  You are going to LOVE the Self-Motivation Workbook by HardBeauty.

Join us in the arena

This online Facebook group is where we rumble through the Hard together and get personal. This is where we find the Beauty of support without shame. We meet people where they are, with love, and without judgment. Above all else, this is a place for growth, encouragement, and LOVE. Ask questions, talk with others, and stay connected with like-spined individuals, aka #Gladiators.