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With Racquel as my coach, I had someone in my life who listened to my every problem, no matter how big or small, and helped me see the bright side of every dark moment. She helped me see solutions to problems I thought were unsolvable, and through her I realized just what I was capable of. Throughout the time we spent together, we shared tears, laughter, and praise. Many times when I came to her, I would rant about my day. In very few words, we would find a solution and come to a “hell yeah!” moment. The praise this woman gave me for seeing what I am capable of brought me tears of happiness. Not only has Racquel given me an amazing life coach, but she has given me a friend and person to come to when I feel I have nobody.  There are not enough words to describe how amazing Racquel is, and how much she’s helped me. She helped me out of one of my lowest lows, and pointed out things I knew about myself, but didn’t have the strength to appreciate. I’m so thankful for you, Racquel.

Client-Kaylie S. (age 19)


Inclusive, Encouraging & Welcoming

In my particular circumstance, the single, most difficult aspect of maintaining sobriety in a rural area is finding connection with the sober community. HardBeauty has been a saving grace for me, in terms of providing countless opportunities to network with others on this path of recovery. I have become more hopeful, motivated and passionate about pursuing recovery, as a result of Racquel’s efforts to provide diverse forums to remain connected with others. HardBeauty is inclusive, encouraging, welcoming and accepting of all individuals seeking a recovery community.

Client-Jamie Soucie (Rural)

Peetz, Colorado


Free Downloads below...

HardBeauty Affirmations

Create a stillness within using our HardBeauty affirmations. We have seen the lives of youth and adults change simply by repeating these affirmations out loud. Racquel says them on her Instagram story from time to time, @hardbeautycoach. Print this beautiful template and frame it. Pssst…we grabbed our frame from the dollar store, and since it’s an image you can share it on social media.

Goal Digger Plan

It’s not always easy to achieve what we want, but
nothing worth having ever is.
The 5 Keys, combined with the HardBeauty Goal Demolition Plan, will make your goals simpler to achieve. One step at a time.
My clients and I use the demo plan for our business and personal goals. We have all seen success and would love to hear how this goal diggin’ plan works for you.

Motivation Workbook

If you are human, then you have struggled with motivation at one time or another. Dig deep and uncover the motivation to create the life you have always wanted for yourself. This is great for young people too. You are going to LOVE the Self-Motivation Workbook by HardBeauty.

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