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    We envision a world where all humans heal.
    Our mission is to empower people to RISE and THRIVE beyond their circumstances.
    Everyday we serve those in challenging situations using a "WHOLEistic" approach.
    Our purpose is to bring hope healing and direction.

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    We are evidence and research based,
    trauma informed, and healing centered in our approach.

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Education Meets Lived Experience

We merge behavioral science and coaching to empower you to rise and thrive beyond your circumstances. 

We want you to create the life YOU want for yourself, whatever that may be. 


Our Founder

I am a multiple trauma survivor, teenage bride, ex-welfare recipient, recovered alcoholic/addict, wife of an alcoholic and I still thrive with several rare-ish autoimmunity's.
That’s my #Hard.
Today I am a sober wife, mother, friend, coach, mentor, counselor, spiritual guide, college graduate, mother, social entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and speaker.
This is my #Beauty. 
 I’ve had my share of breakups, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. I did my work. I put my life back together piece by piece.  
My name is Racquel Garcia, and I am here to help you do your work. (Iyanla Proud)

All this to say, you CAN recover if you are willing to work. say, you CAN recover if you are willing to work. You CAN create a life full of joy, beautiful relationships, fulfilling work, and more. 

You don't have to settle.  
We have assembled some of the best coaches to serve you. Agape!

"HardBeauty coaching is about real change for people willing to do the work.
Your desire for change must be greater than your desire for things to stay the same."
 -Racquel Garcia

Traditional yet Unique

Coaching and Healing for Everyone

Youth Coaching Ages 14-24
Adult Coaching Men and Women
Community, Workshops & Events
HardBeauty Boutique

"YOU can overcome the hard and create a life of beauty at any age!” – Racquel Garcia


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Free Downloads below...

Below are a few free tools for you to use and share. We use these on the regular.

HardBeauty Affirmations

Create a stillness within using our HardBeauty affirmations.  We have seen the lives of youth and adults change simply by repeating these affirmations out loud.  Racquel says them on her Instagram story from time to time, @hardbeautycoach.  Print this beautiful template and frame it. Pssst...we grabbed our frame from the dollar store, and since it's an image you can share it on social media.

Goal Digger Plan

It's not always easy to achieve what we want, but nothing worth having ever is.  


The 5 Keys, combined with the HardBeauty Goal Demolition Plan, will make your goals simpler to achieve. One step at a time.

My clients and I use the demo plan for our business and personal goals. We have all seen success and would love to hear how this goal diggin' plan works for you.

Motivation Workbook
If you are human, then you have struggled with motivation at one time or another. Dig deep and uncover the motivation to create the life you have always wanted for yourself.   This is great for young people too.  You are going to LOVE the Self-Motivation Workbook by HardBeauty.

Join us in the arena

This online Facebook group is where we rumble through the Hard together and get personal. This is where we find the Beauty of support without shame. We meet people where they are, with love, and without judgment. Above all else, this is a place for growth, encouragement, and LOVE. Ask questions, talk with others, and stay connected with like-spined individuals, aka #Gladiators.

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