Our Gladiator Squad

Please get to know our coaches and administrative team.

Our team represents true professionalism and a dose of realness in everything we do.

Unbroken Program Director, Recovery Coach &
​Master Level Reiki Practitioner

Tiffany Kuhwede

Tiffany utilizes her recovery and growth to help others do the same. Her impact on those around her, personally and professionally, is a bright light of positivity and encouragement.   Read more...


Clinical Director

Margot Lathan-Bean, LCSW

 I am solution-focused in my approach; what isn't working needs to be replaced, and I can help others find their way out of the darkness into the Sunlight of the Spirit. Believe me; I struggled with this concept for far too long. I have a strong belief in the connection of the mind, body connection. Creating the life you want is absolutely possible, a life where you are present and open to the strength that comes from being authentic, open, and willing. Read more...


Chief Operations Officer,  
Discover Your Recovery Program Coordinator,

Life & Recovery Coach

Savannah Putman


Recovery and Life Coach

Sparkle Lindsay    

After many years  of practicing yoga, she became certified to teach.  Along with her 200 hour yoga certification, she is certified in trauma informed yoga teaching, and a Reiki practitioner. Yoga to her is "creating a space of healing.  No matter what we need... physical, emotional, mental, spiritual; we can quiet the mind and create that safe space when we come to our mats.  Read more...


Recovery Coach and Mentor 

Rachel Bowen

I was fighting a demon in my soul and it was killing me quickly.  I ended up in a psychiatric/substance use disorder hospital for the first time in 2018.  My family, husband and myself didn't know what to do or where to look for help. This was all brand-new and horrifying for us. This event put me on a path to find answers and understanding to my disease and find a way to live my life sober and healthily and as substance/meds free as possible, I knew recovery was possible, I had seen it with my own eyes.  Read more...


Life & Youth Recovery Coach (Ages 14-24)

Sabryna Nussbaum

Before I was a part of HardBeauty my life was a mess. I have struggled with abandonment most of my life due to my mothers drug and alcohol use. I didn't have healthy relationships. I was disconnecting from family and I was mad at world. l was depressed and self-harming. Read more...


Peer Recovery Coach

Billy Silva

    I grew up in a household where alcohol was permissive. I knew how to make drink recipes as a child, and poured them for myself as I got older.  I spent a large part of my teenage years and twenties looking for real love at the bottom of a bottle or whatever my “friends” were using at the time. Got pregnant then married at 20 to a narcissist, had a beautiful daughter and was divorced by 21. Met my husband of over 17 years in 2003 and began to make changes.  Read more...


Peer Recovery Coach

Travis Crittenden

         In the space between the hardest times of my life and where I am now in the most beautiful times is vast and deep, and it’s my space.  The space between the hard and the beauty was my battlefield. That space was filled with many challenges and obstacles, but I made it, I made it to the beauty side of life. Read more...


Life & Trauma Recovery Coach -Unbroken

Anglea Giles-Locke 

        I’m Angela (never Angie) and a survivor of complex trauma. The “joke” in my family is that the first 22 years are the hardest because my first 22 years were full of abuse and trauma, ending in 1997. However, I didn’t start seeking help for all my pain until 2012.


Peer Recovery Coach

Greg Cutlip

 Story in the works 


Executive Assistant and then some...

Lisa Williams

I bring experience in administration, accounting, and office management.  HardBeauty has played a huge role in my personal transformation. The knowledge, growth, and empowerment I have gained from HardBeauty is immeasurable and will most assuredly continue to help me be the very best version of myself. It is my belief that a collective passion for the mission is what drives success, and I couldn't possibly be more honored to be part of this team. When I'm not learning about life at HardBeauty and navigating around our systems and processes I enjoy painting, photography, writing, Supernatural (thanks, Tiffany!), and chilling with my favorite people. 


Life and Trauma Recovery Coach -Unbroken

Lisa Williams

Hello, I’m Dani! I hail from Washington DC and will always be an eternal East Coast girl at heart. I love the ocean, history, culture, art, music, festivals, and outdoor markets. I thoroughly embrace my “Black Girl Nerd” status as a die-hard sci-fi and horror fan. My husband and three daughters are my muses; they inspire me in all areas of my life. Read More...


Peer Recovery Coach

Ty Cope

The work we do is not just recovery work. It is the path towards living a life of peace. Your recovery is not separate from any other aspect of your life. 

Working a good recovery program simply means that you are intentionally practicing the behaviors and mental patterns needed to avoid the suffering from past trauma and future uncertainties.  Read more...


Peer Recovery Coach

Amanda Johnson

 Over the years it has ripped my heart out to see people in and out of treatment, relapsing time and time again.  And dying.  As a person in recovery, I wanted to do more to help people enter into long term recovery and break the cycle.  Recovery coaching is the missing link between active addiction and long-term recovery. Read more...