Our Gladiator Squad

Please get to know our coaches and corporate team.

Our team represents true professionalism and a dose of realness in everything we do.

Life, Youth and Recovery Coach
& Level II Reiki Practitioner

Tiffany Kuhwede

My Mom always prayed but her frequency increased with my birth.  As a very young child I suffered multiple head injuries, sexual abuse, and the split of my family. Read more...

Email hardbeautylife@gmail.com   


Coach and Mentor/In training

Mark Garland

Mark is studying to be a coach as this is being written. He and his lovely wife live in Arizona. 

He has an amazing gift with young people, especially young men. How he has transformed his life after being in the prison system is inspiring. Check back with us and we in turn will keep you posted on Coach Mark. Read More...

Email - mark@hardbeauty.life

Phone - 719-257-3122

Recovery Coach and Admin  

Jennifer Puryear

Being the product of two alcoholic addicts, I suffered and survived the foster care system until age 7. I’ve endured every type of abuse, because of which my mental health took a beating over the course of my life. Read more...      


Email - jenn@hardbeauty.life

Phone - 719-257-3122


Margot Lathan-Bean

I drank alcoholically since my mid-twenties, I thought it was my answer to the pain, struggles, irritability and restlessness.  Through the process of becoming a recovering alcoholic I had doors and windows opened about the connection between myself and a power greater than me! Read more...

Email - margot@hardbeauty.life

Phone - 719-257-3122

Yoga Instructor

Cortnie Watson

After many years  of practicing yoga, she became certified to teach.  Along with her 200 hour yoga certification, she is certified in trauma informed yoga teaching, and a Reiki practitioner. Yoga to her is "creating a space of healing.  No matter what we need... physical, emotional, mental, spiritual; we can quiet the mind and create that safe space when we come to our mats. Read more...

Phone - 719-257-3122