Our Gladiator Squad

Please get to know our coaches and administrative team.

Our team represents true professionalism and a dose of realness in everything we do.

Unbroken Program Director, Recovery Coach &
​Master Level Reiki Practitioner

Tiffany Kuhwede

Tiffany utilizes her recovery and growth to help others do the same. Her impact on those around her, personally and professionally, is a bright light of positivity and encouragement.   Read more...


Clinical Director

Lawrence S. Wall Jr., 


PhD Student

Larry has been involved in the healthcare industry for over fifteen years.  He has had a productive career in entrepreneurship as a healthcare executive with extensive experience in supply chain management and distribution, clinical and administrativeoperations at a group physician practice and started his own healthcare consulting firm.  Read More...

Chief Operations Officer,  
Discover Your Recovery Program Coordinator,

Life & Recovery Coach

Savannah Putman




Caitlyn Dorsey

Caitlyn truly believes every single person has something unique to share 
with the world and deserves to live a life they absolutely love. She merges traditional counseling techniques with holistic modalities to 
assist her clients in facilitating lasting changes and authentic healing.  


Peer Recovery Coach

Jose Luna (Bi-Lingual/ Spanish) 

I believe in second chances. A chance to break free from the pain to feel whole or unbroken. A chance to feel okay and empowered. The ability to move forward with confidence. I believe in the vision and commitment of HardBeauty to the Recovery community. Whether it's through the community as a whole by providing a safe environment or the individual recoveree through the care of their professionals.  Read more...


Life & Trauma Recovery Coach -Unbroken

Angela Giles Klocke 

I’m Angela (never Angie) and a survivor of complex trauma. The “joke” in my family is that the first 22 years are the hardest because my first 22 years were full of abuse and trauma, ending in 1997. However, I didn’t start seeking help for all my pain until 2012. Read more...


Life and Trauma Recovery Coach -Unbroken

Danielle Finklea

Hello, I’m Dani! I hail from Washington DC and will always be an eternal East Coast girl at heart. I love the ocean, history, culture, art, music, festivals, and outdoor markets. I thoroughly embrace my “Black Girl Nerd” status as a die-hard sci-fi and horror fan. My husband and three daughters are my muses; they inspire me in all areas of my life. Read More...


Yoga Director

Cortnie Watson

Cortnie considers the practice of yoga as creating a space of healing. No matter what we need: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual-- we can quiet the mind and create that safe space when we come to our mats.  It is then that we are exactly where we need to be. My goal is for you to feel at peace in your heart, at home in your body, soft in your mind, & alive in your soul. Read More...


Peer Recovery Coach

Amanda Johnson

With recovery, I have been blessed to be a single mother of my two beautiful children.  I am able to provide a safe, healthy, loving home free from chaos and destruction caused by addiction for my children. As I became a healthy individual in recovery, I knew that there was nothing more that I wanted to do with my life than to help other people who have also experienced the hopelessness and emptiness of substance use disorder.  I have worked with at risk youth, survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking, adult SUD and behavioral health. Read more...


Peer Recovery Coach 

Prescillia Wells

From this day forward my goal is to support others as they are building their solid foundation to recovery and being there for them as they find their own unique pathway to lasting recovery. I am very passionate about helping Mothers recover and recover with their babies! HardBeauty has put in a position to give back what was so compassionately given to me-- and that's exactly what I intend to do. . 


Peer Recovery Coach 

Kimberly Schraud

Recovery has given me a life I would’ve never imagined. I entered into recovery at 33 after hitting my bottom. My only hope was to just stop drinking and using, I got so much more than that, I learned how to live. I believe in, and I am truly amazed by HardBeauty’s mission.  I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of something so groundbreaking. 


Recovery Coach and Mentor 

Rachel Bowen

I was fighting a demon in my soul and it was killing me quickly... I have been very diligently working on my recovery path while educating myself on helping others in their journey to recovery. Whatever that path may look like for them. I had the hand of a Recovery Coach offered out to me. It sent me on this amazing journey of hope, healing, love, compassion, open mindedness and community.  Read more...


Life & Youth Recovery Coach (Ages 14-24)

Sabryna Nussbaum

Before I was a part of HardBeauty my life was a mess. I have struggled with abandonment most of my life due to my mother's drug and alcohol use. I didn't have healthy relationships. I was disconnecting from family and I was mad at world. l was depressed and self-harming. Read more...