Our Gladiator Squad

Please get to know our coaches and administrative team.

Our team represents true professionalism and a dose of realness in everything we do.

Tiffany Kuhwede

Director of Coaching/Unbroken 

Having experienced violence and trauma in her own life, and overcoming the adverse effects that came with it, Tiffany works with others who are in recovery from abuse, neglect, trauma and addiction. She comes to HardBeauty with over six years of Victim Advocacy experience supporting victims of Human Trafficking and helping people with housing and rental assistance. She has experience in various facets of advocacy having worked as a trainer, a legal administrator, and other positions. As a result, she has a “big picture” understanding of the systemic issues these people face, and is well equipped to advise her clients through the system. She has a BA in Communication and Psychology. Tiffany is a Nationally Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist, walking along side those in recovery at the intersection of Intimate Partner and Family Violence and mental health challenges. 


Lawrence S. Wall Jr. 

Clinical Director

Larry has extensive experience in healthcare management. Currently he is running his own consulting firm, consulting with healthcare businesses on clinical and administrative operations. He is intimately knowledgeable about all aspects of the business of healthcare. Larry holds an MBA in Health Sector Management and Policy and an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He is licensed in counseling in Colorado and is working towards a Phd. in Clinical Sexology. Larry is an avid golfer, skier and tennis player.

Savannah Putman

Director of Operations and Grants / Coach


Caitlyn Dorsey


Caitlyn Dorsey is a Certified Addiction Specialist, a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and Mental Health Counseling, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has worked previously in residential addiction treatment facilities, domestic violence shelters, involuntary psychiatric units, community correction facilities, with victims of sexual assault, and more.


Caitlyn merges traditional counseling techniques with holistic modalities to assist her clients in facilitating lasting changes and authentic healing. 

“I truly believe every single person has something unique to share with the world and deserves to live a life they absolutely love.”


Jose Luna 

Peer Recovery Coach - Bilingual/Spanish

Jose grew up surrounded by violence and tragic losses. In his own family, he suffered a great deal of emotional pain from the absence of his father and grandfather. To heal his pain, he turned to drugs and alcohol. When his mother suggested he become a recovery coach, he enrolled to get certified and after the first class put down the substances and he has been clean ever since. 

"I believe in second chances. A chance to break free from the pain to feel whole or unbroken. A chance to feel okay and empowered. The ability to move forward with confidence."


Angela Giles Klocke 

Trauma and Recovery Coach - Unbroken

Angela grew up abused by family members and then by a partner. 10 years ago – a full 15 years after her trauma ended – Angela entered recovery. Now, she uses her trauma to heal others as an Unbroken coach.

Angela is a certified victims’ advocate and recovery coach and the author of “The First 22 Years Are the Hardest: coming of age with a baby on the hip and hope for happily ever after.” Having come out the other side of abuse, she is passionate about helping others do the same.

I love going on a journey with someone and seeing them grow ; seeing the light return to someone’s life; seeing joy where once there was so much pain. I love helping others carry the beautiful hard of life.

Angela and her husband of 24 years have three children and six grandchildren. Angela has many hobbies and interests and is a professional photographer in her spare time.


Danielle Finklea

Senior Coach / Unbroken Coach 

Danielle has a wide range of experience working in the social services field. She will complete a Master of Arts in Counseling in May 2023. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with a concentration in child advocacy. In addition to her work at HardBeauty, Dani is the founder and CEO of Imagine Me. She uses social media and marketing partnerships and hosts a podcast to help her listeners increase self-efficacy and improve low self-image.

Danielle is in recovery from mental health issues and trauma. After discharging from her last treatment center, she decided to approach her wellness holistically and overhauled her spiritual, mental, and physical health. She comes to HardBeauty with this perspective of treating the entire person and individualizing people’s experiences in recovery.

"I’m walking in my divine purpose as a wounded healer. Peace Fam."


Cortnie Watson

Yoga Director

Cortnie considers the practice of yoga as creating a space of healing. No matter what we need: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual-- we can quiet the mind and create that safe space when we come to our mats.  It is then that we are exactly where we need to be. My goal is for you to feel at peace in your heart, at home in your body, soft in your mind, & alive in your soul. Read More...


Amanda Johnson

Peer Recovery Coach

With recovery, I am able to provide a safe, healthy, loving home free from chaos caused by addiction for my children. As I became a healthy individual in recovery, I knew that there was nothing more that I wanted to do with my life than to help other people who have also experienced the hopelessness and emptiness of substance use disorder.  I have worked with at risk youth, survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking, adult SUD and behavioral health. I started my career in behavior health at the bottom as a front line staff and have held just about every position from there to Interim Executive Director. Now, as a CCAR-certified coach with HardBeauty I have the opportunity to really stand with people - by their side - as they build lives for themselves in recovery. It is both an honor and a joy.


Prescillia Wells

Recovery Coach/Harm Reduction Specialist

With a long line of addicts with severe mental disorders on one side and alcoholism on the other, Prescillia grew up watching addiction take its toll on her family. She lost her mother to addiction and her brother to suicide. When drug use led to her children being taken away, she signed up for coaching and got clean. She is sober now, has her children with her and is thriving professionally and personally. Prescillia works primarily with parents with substance use disorders who have lost their children to custody or DCF/CPS cases because of their active addiction and mental health issues. She also specializes in working with people interested in MAT (medically assisted treatment).


“We are not meant to do this alone. I want to give back; to use my experience to support others who are struggling with similar things with care and compassion. I am here to empower people to be their own heroes.”



Frankie Rowe

HBHQ Center Director / Coach

Frankie is in recovery from SUD, mental health, and domestic violence. She grew up in an abusive household and then found an abusive partner. Frankie became a HardBeauty client and was offered a job. These past two years she has learned to love herself and heal from that brokenness. She is a certified coach and helps others learn to love themselves and make changes.

"I absolutely love being able to give back. I finally get to be the change I wish to see in the world. The change had to start with me, and I have the privilege to help start the change in others."


Kimberly Schraud

Peer Recovery Coach 

Recovery has given me a life I would’ve never imagined. I entered into recovery at 33 after hitting my bottom. My only hope was to just stop drinking and using, I got so much more than that, I learned how to live. I believe in, and I am truly amazed by HardBeauty’s mission.  I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of something so groundbreaking. 


Rachel Bowen

Recovery Coach and Navigator 

I suffered from SUD and mental health issues for years, starting when I was 15 years old. As an adult, I ended up in the hospital one too many times. When I got home from my final visit to the hospital and started to really get my brain focused again. I knew this was a life or death decision and I chose life! I have been very diligently working on my recovery path while educating myself on helping others in their journey to recovery. I had the help of a Recovery Coach and it sent me on an amazing journey of hope, healing, love, compassion, open mindedness and community.  Now, I would love to walk along side you on your journey in hopes to maybe help smooth out a few of the bumps on the road to recovery.


Sabryna Nussbaum

Life & Youth Recovery Coach (Ages 14-24)

In recovery herself from family-based trauma, the loss of her mother, self-harm and depression, Sabryna is well on her way to building a beautiful, joyous and meaningful life. 

Sabryna grew up in Monument, Colorado and currently lives in Colorado Springs. She is a certified CCAR Recovery Coach, and has completed a Choices certification. She is certified to work with youth through the Youth Coaching Institute.

Sabryna is in the unique position to work with youth and young adults, helping them recover and build a new life that they love.

“Working with youth is my passion because I’m one of them! I feel honored to be in this position, and I will work hard to make sure young people are finding their way in HardBeauty and in the world.”