Angela Giles Klocke
​Abuse and Trauma Recovery Coach

    I’m Angela (never Angie) and a survivor of complex trauma. The “joke” in my family is that the first 22 years are the hardest because my first 22 years were full of abuse and trauma, ending in 1997. However, I didn’t start seeking help for all my pain until 2012.

Sometimes I forget that I have a big story, but then I’ll have a moment where I’m in a roomful of my family — my grownup children and their spouses and children — and remember how less than 15 years separate me from my eldest child’s age. I watch our big, healthy family, a generation that did not continue the cycle of abuse and trauma, and I feel my heart swell. We did it! I did it. It wasn’t easy but it has been worth it.

    Having spent the last 20+ years advocating and working with women who have painful pasts of abuse and violence, I have worked as an advocate with crisis pregnancy and as a confidential victim advocate in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault. I am truly passionate about helping others reclaim themselves and to grow after painful events.

    I am a multi-passionate soul who is also a freelance writer, public speaker (TEDx Colorado Springs 2017), and photographer. May I never be forced to choose just one path. But in the end, all of my interests lead to the same road: connection, relationship, and growth.

I look forward to walking with you in your journey.