9 Strategies to Unleash Your Creativity

When describing myself a few years ago I would not have used creative as one of my attributes. I would tell OG's (original gladiators) Wendy and Robin that I wasn't creative like they were. Which was true and not true. I was NOT creative in the artistic sense like Robin or magical with words like We...

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Wisdom From a Quarantined High School Senior
Not every High School Senior is sad about the year coming to a quick close.
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Don't leave things unspoken. Don't leave love on the table .
How to process the loss of a loved before they go.
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Power Struggles with your Teen

Both you and your child win when you avoid a power struggle with your teen. While it’s natural for your child to challenge your authority and try to claim more independence, you have a responsibility to teach them to resolve conflicts respectfully and maintain family harmony.


If you’re concerne...

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How to relationship with a teen.

Simply put, parenting is HardBeauty. I work hard at strengthening my relationship with my teenage children and my pseudo-kids too. I mean I work REALLY hard and I’m a professional Life Coach for Youth.    Relationships take effort. PERIOD!


Like many other parent-teen ...

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