Danielle Kelly

Danielle Kelly has spent 18 years working in the human services field in various positions, including as a Case Manager, a Crisis Mediator for the Denver Police Department, and as… Continue reading Danielle Kelly

Mandy Chapman

Mandy has lived in Pueblo, Colorado since 1976. Having experienced anxiety, depression, ADHD, substance misuse, domestic violence and suicide attempts, she is in recovery from a number of mental health… Continue reading Mandy Chapman

Allie Fulton

Allie, a Denver resident and Colorado native, is a single mother to her 19-year-old daughter and a caregiver to her elderly father. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Metro… Continue reading Allie Fulton

Krista Roeper

Krista was born to parents who both struggled immensely with addiction and mental health. Her father was incarcerated when she was an infant and spent 15 years in prison. She… Continue reading Krista Roeper

Jamie Davis

Jamie was introduced to drugs and alcohol at a very young age and by the age of 18 she was a mother suffering from severe mental health issues with drug… Continue reading Jamie Davis

Amy Bishop

Amy has a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Dance from The University of Colorado in Boulder where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She also has a Program Certificate from Trinity… Continue reading Amy Bishop

Lisa Gwyn

Lisa experienced a childhood full of trauma, substance abuse, and mental health disorders and has spent the past 10 years rewriting her life into one that is happy, healthy, and… Continue reading Lisa Gwyn

Michelle Avina

Michelle’s childhood was filled with trauma, abuse, neglect, alcohol, and drug addicted parents. She began abusing drugs and alcohol at the early age of 12 years old, struggling into her… Continue reading Michelle Avina

Courtney Anadon

Courtney joined the HardBeauty community after a chance encounter in a traditional 12-step room. As a teen she initially turned to drugs and alcohol to fit in. This led to… Continue reading Courtney Anadon

Amy Walker

Amy brings a wealth of recovery experience to the coaching world being in recovery from substance misuse, mental health, chronic pain and illness. She has been in recovery from SUD… Continue reading Amy Walker

Jose Luna

Jose grew up surrounded by violence and tragic losses. In his own family, he suffered a great deal of emotional pain from the absence of his father and grandfather. To… Continue reading Jose Luna

Prescillia Wells

With a long line of addicts with severe mental disorders on one side and alcoholism on the other, Prescillia grew up watching addiction take its toll on her family. She… Continue reading Prescillia Wells

Callie Goode

Callie’s recovery journey began with her dad’s horse accident which resulted in a traumatic brain injury, she began her journey of uncovering wounds and digging deep inside. Callie had her… Continue reading Callie Goode

Jeremy Pavlik

Jeremy comes to recovery coaching with a story of surviving and overcoming very difficult circumstances. Abused as a child, he turned to drugs and alcohol. He committed a crime and… Continue reading Jeremy Pavlik

Kimberly Schraud-Komarov

Kimberly entered into recovery at 33 after hitting bottom. Initially her only goal was to simply stop drinking and using, but she ended up thriving in a life centered around… Continue reading Kimberly Schraud-Komarov