Youth Life Coaching & Mentoring

​    HardBeauty Hope is coaching that is designed for teens and young adults (Ages 14-24). Clients complete individual and/or group coaching sessions where they work through self-awareness and the research necessary to narrow down life, education, and job goals while developing social and emotional competencies and practical skills for success. Coaching sessions take place virtually.  This allows for flexibility and comfort.

**If your child has Insurance/Medicaid these services could be covered. Ask about it.

Few common areas for clients

Below are a few common coaching areas for clients.

  • Committed action, values-based goal striving, and achievement
  • Enhancing motivation and performance
  • Harnessing individuality (strengths, personality, interests, values, talents, and passion) for success
  • Enhancing self-esteem, confidence, social and emotional intelligence, self- and others-awareness, mindfulness, positive emotion, and engagement
  • Building strong, positive social networks
  • Flexibility, tolerance, and collaborative problem-solving
  • Stress reduction, frustration/anger reduction, effective communication, and resilience *(Trauma Informed Approach)
  • Bullying, harmful behaviors, detrimental peer influence, substance use awareness
  • Extensive background with High Risk clients, i.e. substance use/abuse/addiction, self-harm, and youth in the foster care system.
  • Time management and organization
  • Academics


Recovery Coaching

Our Coaches meet you right where you are in the recovery process, to encourage, motivate, and assist you in developing recovery skills. A coach walks along side you as you navigate early recovery and assists you in making clear the path to long term recovery. As a person starts to make incremental character-building-wins, hope and purpose return to life and one is then on a secure footing of true recovery with a firm understanding and value of togetherness. When life presents its inevitable challenges we are then properly equipped to meet them head on without fear of relapse. As you learn new communication skills you are then equipped to take responsibility for the relationships in your life. As a result, families, loved ones, co-workers and friends become beneficiaries of Recovery Coaching as well.

The coach provides their expertise, guidance, skills, and own success in recovery to help define and support the steps defined in plans of action. This dynamic between client and coach is what sows the seeds to enact powerful change that leads to successful day-to-day living. Our coaches ask the tough questions and listen carefully to the answers; helping to reflect back with clarity the client’s own intentions for themselves and their lives.

Based on the needs of the client, the plans can look different. As you learn to navigate new territory and some of the same , you will begin to feel empowered, perhaps for the first time. One day you and your Coach may be working on a plan of action to work on emotional wellness, financial wellness, spiritual wellness, etc. And on another day you may be rock climbing, doing yoga, or in a meeting. Sometimes situations require a sober companion or sober escort, in which case a coach will travel with a client and at times even live with a client. Remember we meet you where you you are, and assist you in your individual needs and circumstances.

A Recovery Coach is not a clinician of any kind. However, at times it is the case that a person would have a support team of specialists involved where a coach could have communication with other members of that team; given it is the desire of the client and there are ROI agreements in place.

In addition we partner with The Hornbuckle Foundation to provide additional options for coaching, beyond ourselves.

We work as team to find the best coach for you.

The Hornbuckle Foundation also provides scholarships for sober living as well as coaching. Please visit their website for more details.


-Medicaid (All Colorado RAE's)


-Behavioral Health Systems
-Blue Cross Blue Shield



Out of Network Accepted: Aetna, Humana, Multiplan, United


1 Session $60

4 Sessions $220 ($55 each)

8 Sessions $400 ($50 each)

12 Sessions $540 ($45 each)


    HardBeauty Fosters Hope is a specialty program for youth in foster care.  Did you know that 73% of people in prison were in foster care at one point or another? That means we have one system feeding another and we aim to stop that. High quality coaching can be  a strong, lasting intervention. Helping youth help themselves is priceless.

    New York City leads the way and Chips In $10 Million to Pair Older Foster Youth with Life Coaches Through Age 26. That’s putting money where your mouth is. We aim to do the same in Colorado, Arizona, and Washington State, and that’s JUST the beginning.

    We offer group and one-on-one coaching; in person or in a virtual space. Our work is based upon the SHIFT model and, “How We Did It,” by Dr. Leah Mazzola, founder of YCI, Youth Coaching Institute.  We also use, “get out of your mind and into your life for teens.”

Our coaches are skilled in both organic and skills based coaching practices.

    If you are an foster care organization and you would like to have HardBeauty Coaching as part of your program please reach out to Racquel via email racquel@hardbeauty.life


    HOPE groups are regular gatherings of youth who are passionate about continuing the conversation on important topics in THEIR lives (ages 14-24). We want to eliminate teen suicide and self-harm. They’re youth-led and youth-run. These groups give young people the chance to talk about what’s going on in THEIR lives and share feelings with others who are going through the same thing. We then offset the hard stuff by adding beauty with community service, fellowship, and advocacy. We exist in partnership and as an extension of Robbie’s Hope.

     ***Exclusive to the #HardBeautyHope Group, young people will learn healthy coping skills through a partnership with #HardBeauty Youth Coaching and S.A.D.D. Colorado
    ***The #HardBeautyHope Group is located in the Tri-Lakes area but anyone from anywhere is welcome. Meetings/Groups will be held the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Youth MUST sign-in when they arrive. We have strict NO CELL phone policy during our time together for privacy reasons. We will tuck them somewhere safe.
    If you have any questions please contact hardbeautylife@gmail.com and someone will get back with you ASAP.


Adult Life Coaching and Mentoring

    Our adult coaching collective will be fully developed by the end of 2020. (Ages 25 and older)

Adult clients are currently being accepted IF we have openings available. Youth will have priority.

These will be one-on-one sessions and pricing depends upon the coach.

Read their stories and see who you best connect with.

In the meantime I invite you to visit our active Facebook group, the HardBeauty Arena.

Please call or text 719-257-3122 to schedule a discovery call.

Valid Education

Apparently we had reached a great height in the atmosphere, for the sky was a dead black, and the stars had ceased to twinkle. By the same illusion which lifts the horizon of the sea to the level of the spectator on a hillside.


Coaching Scholarship

    Well I think I have put this post off long enough. Today it has been 10 years since I have seen your face or heard your laugh. I miss the way you squinted your eyes behind your glasses when you smiled. I loved our matching tattoos that Chris gave us and chowing down on his salsa in the middle of the day. Our kids would play while you sat on the other side of the counter and watched me cook. Those were the days.
    This picture is the last of you. What started out as a little "party", ended in tragedy and for my part, I will FOREVER be in debt to YOU my friend. I tried to save you but it was too late. I NEVER thought someone would die and I NEVER EVER thought it would be you. Our story is that you can overdose your first time, even if you only try a little. Our friendship was short lived, a little over a year but you changed my life forever. I am who I am because of you Shanna Marie Miller. Earlier today I was rumbling through my feelings and crying with "OG" Wendy. I told her the only way I know how to deal with the deep sorrow and pain I have felt all week, is to push that pain/energy into power.  Tonight I am announcing the Shanna's Hope Scholarship Fund. Our mission is to provide youth the access to rise and thrive despite their circumstances.  Meaning, money nor age should not be an obstacle if the need and willingness to work is present. This fund will serve youth ages 15- 24. We already have a donation of $1,000 that was anonymously donated to kick this off.  I know if Shanna were alive, she would be fighting for young people right beside me. I pray this honors you my friend!

Details to follow soon.

Personal Growth

I want to improve my productivity and time management skills.

I need to establish stronger boundaries so that my time and energy are respected by others.

I want to be more compassionate and less critical of myself and others.

I have crucial issues, conflicts or situations that I need to address in my life.

I want to develop a greater understanding of my life and my role in connection to something larger.

I need to improve my confidence and improve my sense of self-worth.

I want to create a life plan that will help me to design the life I want.

I am spinning and overwhelmed and need help to get my life under control.

I know that I have a purpose or a gift that I am meant to share, but I need help figuring out what that is.

I need help to identify and assess what my personal wants and needs are for fulfillment and satisfaction.

I want to cultivate a sense of gratitude and grace in my life.

I need to learn how to better prioritize my goals and responsibilities.

I need help to break through the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving my goals.

I want to learn better ways to deal with difficult people in a constructive manner.

I want to learn to develop and nurture my creativity in a way that fulfills me.

I want to rise above my situation i.e., foster care, child of an addict, poverty.

I want to quit offending and contribute to life in a positive way.

Health and Well-Being

I need help to learn how to manage stress and minimize its effects on my body.

I want to find a sense of balance or routine that best meets my personal and family needs.

I want to improve my physical health, fitness, and appearance.

I struggle with using, abusing, or being addicted to substances. i.e. alcohol, drugs, people/codependency, food, spending.

I need to cultivate positive habits and behaviors that will better serve my needs.

I want to simplify my life. I’m tired of the hamster wheel.

I need some help to improve my relationships with others or to find a nurturing relationship.

I am struggling with substance abuse or addiction.

I have a major health or life challenge that I need help to make constructive changes. (Coach Tiffany focuses on Autoimmune Illnesses)

I need to take better care of myself in all aspects of my life and make self-care a higher priority.

I would like help to figure out what my personal needs are and how to satisfy them.

I just want to be happier and experience more joy in life.

If any of the above are true for you, let’s talk. We are not “self-proclaimed” coaches.  We are certified to do the work we do and 2 of us hold college degrees. We also use a trauma informed approach when dealing with trauma. We would be honored to support you through whatever transformation you want for yourself.