HardBeauty Creator & CEO
Coaching Professional/Mentor & Social Entrepreneur

I am a sober wife, mother, coach/mentor/counselor, spiritual guide, social entrepreneur, author, and speaker.

This is my #Beauty. I’ve had my share of breakups, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. I did my work. I put my life back together piece by piece.

  My name is Racquel Garcia, and I am here to help you do your work. Maybe my story resonates with you, and maybe it doesn't.  My point is, I believe you CAN recover if you are willing to do the work. You CAN create a life full of joy, beautiful relationships, fulfilling work, and more. You don't have to settle.  Furthermore, I believe we are all connected through story and that the power of choice is EVERYTHING. HardBeauty is both. We have assembled some of the best coaches to serve you. You can read their stories and see who best suits you.
Coaching should NEVER be a forced relationship, it's ALWAYS choice.