Dana Willey
Intuitive Coach


I experienced spiritual gifts early in life but I shut them off as I moved into my preteen years. My gifts came rushing back in my late 30’s. I now utilize these gifts to be the healer I was always called to be. 


Through psychic mediumship, tarot, energy healing and shamanic practices, I can help clients heal and begin to remove the blocks that are holding them from their true potential. I also help those who are stepping into their callings and gifts. Many people awaken to their gifts after traumatic events and sobriety. 


I was no different...


From the outside looking in, I grew up in the perfect home. I never had a hair out of place and my outfits were perfectly ironed and put together. Behind closed doors, I lived a very unhealthy existence.  My father was an alcoholic, which brought dysfunction into the home.  The name of the game was to keep everything in order and calm as we enabled and were codependent to his needs.  At the age of 11, my dad passed away due to cirrhosis. My mom, brother and I pushed forward, rarely looking back.  


Though I was lucky to have great support from my family, I never dealt with the first 11 years of life and swept it all under the rug.  I never wanted to drink and refused to repeat the patterns of my father.  That was until college….


From my freshman year of college I would drink until drunk. Moderation was never part of the equation.  I met my husband at 20 and we would drink together, always to excess. My husband and I would often do “break checks” where we paused drinking for a month to “keep it in check.”  Unfortunately in 2017, my family experienced an unthinkable trauma.  The wheels came off and the breaks were gone.  We coped the best we could, but turned to alcohol to numb our pain. My husband entered rehab in 2018 and I joined him in getting sober.  Through this time, my husband, myself, and our children all received therapy. Even with weekly therapy sessions, I had a mental breakdown in early 2019 and found myself in a mental hospital.  


“Get busy living, or get busy dying"


I chose LIFE and RECOVERY.  As I healed, the calling to step forward and become a healer grew louder.  I answered that call and have never looked back.


My goal in every session is to help you feel better connected to yourself, your purpose, and the world around you.  I will be offering one-on-one and group options with HardBeauty.  I look forward to working with you.

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