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Welcome to Discover Your Recovery by HardBeauty

This is a free LIVE virtual platform of recovery meetings, workshops, book studies, and recovery tools for you to try. Directions to sign-up are below the calendar.

How to register

  1. Select the event/talk/workshop you are interested in attending. (You can find images at the bottom of this page for those who need a visual)
  2. Click on the description to register and click the LIVE link.(Some will only have a meeting ID. You will have to enter that number into zoom.)
  3. Don't forget to add it to your calendar and set a reminder!
  4. Connect via the Zoom link in your inbox.
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  6. Share with friends or folks you know who could benefit from some free recovery goodness in their lives.                                                              Everyone is welcome!

In Recovery or Recovery Curious?

This is a one-of-a-kind, online, LIVE virtual exploration facilitated by peers also in recovery. Everyone is invited the table no matter what you are recovering from and all pathways are welcome.

We have several engaging workshops, conversations, meetings, Q&A's, demonstrations and wellness opportunities both virtually and in person. From restorative yoga, reiki, book club, ALL pathways recovery meetings, cooking, writing workshops,  mindfulness, anxiety, self-care and more are being added daily. 

This is all FREE thanks to a grant from HardBeauty Foundation and Signal Behavioral Health, who proudly display unity in the community.


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When you find one that sparks joy or curiosity go up to the calendar and register. 

Discover Your Recovery Facilitator Proposal

Do you love Discover Your Recovery SO much you want to become a facilitator? Do you have an idea that promotes personal growth and healing? 
We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts.