Recovery Coach & Admin Extraordinaire Jennifer Puryear

 Being the product of two alcoholic addicts, I suffered and survived the foster care system until age 7.

  I’ve endured every type of abuse, because of which my mental health took a beating over the course of my life. I ignored the signs, ignored the crippling anxiety, ignored the paranoia, ignored the insecurity, and eventually ignored the eating disorder. I continued to let others abuse me because nothing I went through seemed bad enough to risk the embarrassment of asking for help. I hadn’t yet recognized my own mortality. Always pretending the past was in the past and it didn’t NEED to be dealt with… until I was then swallowed by my own addiction.

It looked normal for many years; I’m what most consider a “sneaky alcoholic”.  

  I remember the day normal things in life became completely uninteresting if alcohol wasn’t involved.

I remember the day I decided it was “ok” to drink and drive, it’s “ok” to drink at work, it’s “ok” that I don’t feel normal unless I’m drinking from the moment I wake up.

It wasn’t until I started manifesting physiological side effects that anyone close to me really knew what was going on. I grew up in faith and both of my parents had experience dealing with addiction. For that reason it took me five years to muster the courage to ask for help.

  I fell so deep into self-loathing that I didn’t want to live. When I found recovery I was 8 years into see-sawing on bingeing and managing my pain with a constant buzz.

I felt I had no other options; I was frequently reminded that I would end up in one of two places: prison or the dirt. It was really that dire.

  Coaching pulled me out of that despair and gave me a reason to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start acting like the woman I wanted to be and not the depressive, neurotic alcoholic I had become.

Surviving is never meant to be easy; it’s a badge of honor. Now I wear my diagnoses like war paint that will never wash off because I never thought of myself as the fighting type but if there’s a fight worth having it’s the fight for your life.

  In September of 2020 I completed the main part of my education and training as a recovery coach through Embark PCA. Currently I am accepting coaching clients while continuing to further my education with a goal of testing for my national certification with NADACC in 2021.

It's my honor to walk along side you.