Kerry Ann Belford, PRC
Recovery Coach

    Hi, I'm Kerry Ann ...I’m in recovery from myself among many other things. My first love was alcohol, I was 14.  I remember the glass of red wine like it was yesterday.
What I remember the most was the feeling I got afterward. I felt funny, liked and accepted.  That last part sets the stage.

    High School and College was more of the same.

Poms, popularity, parties and more parties. The life of the party was who I became. I even lost an art scholarship to Kansas University because of my wild ways.

All of it, an attempt to fit in. I tried the geographical move to Colorado in 1989 but that didn’t work. You can’t drink booze through 2 semesters and be successful not matter where you are.   

    My battle with addiction and mental health was 20 years long. I have been married twice. The second husband loved alcohol and cocaine too. Needless to say that marriage was a shit-show. I also have 3 amazing boys and a step-daughter, all of whom I almost lost. I have been to 4 rehabs, homeless, human services cases and incarceration. Today I am mending those relationships piece by piece and I don’t miss the inside of a jail cell.

    Today the foundation for my recovery is found through AA, NA, fellowship and family. I take care of my mental health and stay connected to others. I’m back with my second husband who is also cocaine and alcohol free. We keep our recovery separate; it works for us.  

    Life can be as hard as I want to make it or as free. I bring all of my education, experience, strength and hope to you as a coach. I would love to support you during your recovery journey.

Feed yourself to Free yourself,

Kerry Ann Belford