Margot Lathan-Bean , LCSW (therapy)

    My name is Margot Lathan-Bean I am a mom, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, ex-wife, coworker, partner, and, most importantly, sober. I graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in social work in 1985. I went to work in the field as a youth counselor, child protection worker, and foster care worker. I decided to go back to get my master's degree in 1993. I finished my master's in social work in 1997 from Virginia Commonwealth University.

     I have been in the helping field for over 25 years. My focus changed in 2008 when I finally decided to get sober! Sobriety has completely refocused how I see myself and others in the world. Sobriety opened up my heart that had a hole in it the size of the Grand Canyon. I drank alcoholically since my mid-twenties; I thought it was my answer to the pain, struggles, irritability, and restlessness.     Through the process of becoming a recovering alcoholic, I had doors and windows opened about the connection between myself and a power greater than me! What a relief. I am solution-focused in my approach; what isn't working needs to be replaced, and I can help others find their way out of the darkness into the Sunlight of the Spirit. Believe me; I struggled with this concept for far too long. I have a strong belief in the connection of the mind, body connection. Creating the life you want is absolutely possible, a life where you are present and open to the strength that comes from being authentic, open, and willing.