Opportunities to join the HardBeauty team will be posted on this page. 
We are currently seeking to hire Peer Recovery and Mental Health Coaches.

HardBeauty Coaching is a strengths and evidence-based coaching practice that serves women, men, and young adults ages 14 and up. 

We offer resiliency programs for youth and adults, personal development workshops and recovery groups, group coaching, as well as one-on-one peer recovery coaching services. We are looking to hire a Peer Recovery Coach / Peer Recovery Specialist to help meet the demand of our growing client roster. 

Coaches working with HardBeauty have the ability to set their ideal client load-- whether it is 5 clients or 15, our administrative team will work with you to fill your practice. Coaches also have an opportunity to develop and facilitate virtual recovery meetings and workshops for additional income on our Discover Your Recovery platform.


We envision a world where everyone can recover from whatever circumstance life has given them, which is why we serve those in challenging situations with a purpose to bring hope, healing, and direction into their lives by creating a safe community culture through authentic connections and effective programming.


Job Purpose: 
The purpose of peer recovery coaching is to provide experiential knowledge and support in the client space while empowering the client to strengthen their 8 dimensions of wellness, to build their recovery toolbox, and to find purpose and community. *This is a contract position. You will be required to complete a W-9 and have your own liability insurance.


Goals & Objectives:

  • Must be supportive of all types of recovery [Substance Use, Mental Illness, Trauma, etc.] and all paths to recovery [in-patient, IOP, MAT, hard reduction, etc.]

  • Provide support to the client and treat the client as a resource in their own recovery

  • Participate in supervision sessions at required by your professional credentialing standards and company standards

  • Promote a positive culture of community within HardBeauty

  • Meet productivity standards and expectations


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct sessions with clients by virtual meeting, phone call, or in-person

  • Assist the client in identifying their strengths, values, and goals using a client-directed approach

  • Facilitates the following support services: peer mentoring, recovery resource connecting, and helping clients to build purpose and community

  • Motivate clients to participate in recovery coaching sessions, groups, workshops, yoga, etc.

  • Understand and follow HardBeauty policies and procedures, as well as HardBeauty best practices, as outlined in the company manual.

  • Must possess an entrepreneurial spirit in their coaching practice.

  • Peer Recovery Coaches are encouraged to be in active recovery and be engaging in a recovery community, either within or outside the organization. HardBeauty employees are welcome (and encouraged!) to participate in any/all programming offered, especially as it increases personal development, supports emotional wellness, and provides opportunity to decompress which overall builds recovery capital and strengthens the coaches ability to manage their professional workload.

  • Positively contribute to the financial health of the organization by ensuring delivery of billable services, submitting notes and invoices in a timely fashion, and by utilizing, monitoring, and collecting data for the purpose of decision making and program improvements.

  • Enhance professional growth and development by participating in training opportunities offered through HardBeauty and also by seeking continuing education credits as required by your professional certification.

  • Participate and contribute to all company meetings, supervisions, and other program/department meetings as needed, to ensure cohesive organizational outcomes.


Key Technical Skills and Knowledge:

  • High School Diploma or GED Certificate

  • Completion of CCAR Recovery Coach Academy, Professionalism, and Ethics or CHOICE Recovery Certification, and/or National Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist.

  • Demonstrate strong core values that resonate with the company's core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Communication.

  • Effective communication skills as necessary to conduct business with clients, peers, supervisors, and community stakeholders.

  • Possess excellent customer service skills, strong organization skills, ability to work independently with minimal direction from supervisor,

  • Must be comfortable using Google Work Space apps, Zoom, and a digital calendar

  • Preference to those with at least 6 months prior work experience

  • Minimum of 2 years active and engaged personal recovery from Substance Use Disorder and/or Mental Illness

  • May require additional specialized experience and/or knowledge depending on program needs and focus [ examples include Unbroken program, Hope Youth Coaching, Desistance and Positive Reform program, etc. ] 

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