Coaching is a skill. Actually, it’s a set of skills all used at the same time. When combined with MI skills (motivational interviewing) you can create massive change for yourself and for your clients. Learning to coach effectively is like learning any skill, you’ve got to practice. Come and learn from the one of the best, Racquel Garcia, HardBeauty CEO/Creator/Coach. Racquel is a National Trainer and Subject Matter Expert in Motivational Interviewing, Peer Coaching, Trauma Informed Practices, Strategic JEDI practices, Organizational Culture and more 

Each Session Includes:

  • Icebreaker/Connection
  • Specific Skill Teaching
  • You are coaching a peer
  • A peer is coaching you
  • Decompression and Takeaways
  • Certificate of completion
  • Printable Workbook
  • Only $225 for 6 sessions *Contracted HardBeauty Coaches are FREE

6 Sessions Total

October 10th & 24th 

November 7th & 21st

December 5th & 12th  

Peer Professional Learning Community Series 

These Learning Communities are thanks to a collaborative commitment to strengthening the Colorado Peer Recovery Workforce by Signal, HardBeauty, and HardBeauty Foundation. They are Free for you and your teams to attend. There are 6 in this series, feel free to take all of them if you choose. 

Cultivating and Inclusive, Connected & Engaged Workforce

Equipping leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to engage their teams and reduce turnover and burnout. You will leave inspired and have innovative and applicable ways to engage your team. Racquel has been invited to share her innovative ideas at the national level and she will share a few with you in this special training opportunity. Racquel Garcia is HardBeauty CEO/ Executive Director, Master Coach, Recovery Advocate & National Trainer.

Suicide Awareness for the Peer Professional

-The Hard Conversation

Amanda Johnson will bring her years of knowledge and experience both in the treatment setting and now as a peer recovery coach to speak about the hard topic of suicide in the peer setting. 

Motivational Interviewing 

-A Powerful Tool for

The Peer Professional

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a tool that empowers recoverees and removes the pressure off of the recovery coach. MI is a skill set you learn to use below the conversations you are having, to help guide folks towards the change THEY want for themselves. This intro to MI will be facilitated by Racquel Garcia, HardBeauty CEO/ Executive Director, Master Coach, Recovery Advocate & National Subject Matter Expert & Trainer.

The Trifecta

-Trauma Informed Coaching, De-escalation & Person First Language 

The purpose of this training is to equip coaches with an understanding of how trauma manifests within clients and how it can appear in their behaviors within the peer space. This training is also meant to provide tools that will empower coaches to provide support to clients who are experiencing big emotions, as well as tools to hand clients in session that will help them process their own emotions in a way that is safe and supportive. At the end of this training, peer coaches will gain an understanding of the importance of language choice in the coaching arena. 

***In-person only. Lunch will be served with gluten free options 

Culturally Responsive Care

-How to Better Serve BIPOC People

Culturally responsive care is crucial to the effectiveness of behavioral health services. Culturally competent professionals honor the beliefs and values of all individuals. Understanding systems of oppression and privilege requires a long-term commitment to ensure the equitable care of every client. This training will provide practical applications of equity and cultural competence for helpers. 

Trauma Informed Supervision

-How to Connect Compassion & Accountability

Learn how to care for the hearts of those you supervise while simultaneously holding team members accountable. You will walk away feeling more empowered with applicable knowledge and tools to support you moving forward. This is the 6th and Final training in a professional development series, thanks to a collaborative commitment to strengthening the Colorado Peer Recovery Workforce by Signal Behavioral Health, HardBeauty and HardBeauty Foundation. Target Audience: persons who conduct Supervision for Peer Recovery Coaches, Peer Support Specialists