Rachel Bowen
Recovery Coach & Navigator
Northern Colorado 

    Hello, my name is Rachel Bowen. I am a Colorado native of and I absolutely love it here! I grew up in an ordinary middle class family, with one older sister and parents who are still happily married today. I didn't grow up around substance use/misuse and was sheltered from the disease and turmoil.

    Then I turned 15. At the point I was going to nightclubs 5 nights a week, staying out all night and trying all things under the sun to alter my state of mind (exctacy, cocaine, mushrooms, etc..).

From the age of 16-37 I have worked in the Restaurant/Hospitality industry where drugs and alcohol are everywhere and "just part of the job". When my addiction to took over, alcohol was the easiest to get and being a lady, usually bought for you when you went out.
    1st DUI happened at 24. Did my court stuff and spent the next  4 years as a "functioning alcoholic" or so I thought.
2nd DUI, age 29. This time I ended up doing 3 months in a work release facility. I was being monitored for 2 years in which I lapsed 3 times, got back to my recovery and stayed sober for a 5 year stent. Then the ugly darkness of my started to talk to me again, "just one..." down hill my life went very quickly.

I was fighting a demon in my soul and it was killing me quickly.  I ended up in a psychiatric/substance use disorder hospital for the first of  4 times in 2018...

Rachel's fight was a long one. Her story is about NOT giving up and making new. We are SO blessed you have you!

    My family, husband and myself didn't know what to do or where to look for help. This was all brand-new and horrifying for us. This event put me on a path to find answers and understanding to my disease and find a way to live my life sober and healthily and as substance/meds free as possible, I knew recovery was possible, I had seen it with my own eyes. Why couldn't I have a long-term recovery?

    Enter treatment, I made it 40 days of a 90 day program before my PTSD and trauma took over and I lapsed again. I got picked up by the cops and taken to the ER. I was admitted and told to wait. Drunk as a skunk I sat and waited and waited and waited. No body came. NO body. I was written off by the Doctors as a drunk and my family who had always been there did not show this time. They stood by my threw thick and thin for so many years but they just couldn't see me killing myself slowly anymore. They knew it was out of their control. From the ER I got Transported to the hospital for a 72 hour hold where I would have the worst and best experience of my life. In that 72 hours something happened and the light of my spirituality broke through the darkness in my soul and reassure me that I could fight this battle and win. I also met an amazing soul named Alissa at the hospital...she is a recovery coach. I spent 2 days glued to her energy and spirit and knew that I had found my recovery path and family.
    When I got home and started to really get my brain focused again. I knew this was a life or death decision and I chose life!
I have been very diligently working on my recovery path while educating myself on helping others in their journey to recovery. Whatever that path may look like for them. I had the hand of a Recovery Coach offered out to me. It sent me on this amazing journey of hope, healing, love, compassion, open mindedness and community. 
I would love to walk along side you on your journey in hopes to maybe help smooth out a few of the bumps on the road to recovery!

Best wishes and Happy Play!
​Rachel A. Bowen