Sabryna Nussbaum
Youth Intern

    Before I was a part of HardBeauty my life was a mess. I have struggled with abandonment most of my life due to my mothers drug and alcohol use. I didn't have healthy relationships. I was disconnecting from family and I was mad at world. l was depressed and self-harming.
    One morning I woke up with a text that had information about a HOPE group that was being held that night.
"That night," happened to be the same night that I had a planned to end my life. I didn't say much, I just sat there with my arm folded.I only went to appease my stepmother but little did I know that my life would never be the same, and not in the way I had planned.
    I met an amazing group of people who made me feel loved and heard. Not only adults but other peers. When asked if I was okay, I responded with the usual, "I'm fine." Racquel looked at me and said, "I call bull***t.  That stuck. I started following her on social media and asking questions via dm.
    About the 3rd meeting I gave her all of the razor blades that I used, and told her I was ready to take the steps to change my life.
She told me to put hearts on myself every time I felt like self-harming, and slowly I didn’t need the hearts anymore.
She helped me look at my life differently and I began to shift my perspective. She has talked me through my anxiety and depression.
So much of my life has changed for the greater...
    I have stopped self-harming, changed my social media, my friends, pray, meditate, and I am currently in school to become a youth peer recovery coach. I have learned that I am far more powerful than I thought.
HardBeauty changed my life forever!