Testimonials & Praises

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 I knew Racquel before I started professionally seeing her. She came to my school to help with a Thanksgiving feast. She made one of the best desserts and my mom couldn't stop talking about this woman. When I saw her, I was immediately drawn to her colored hair and tattoo covered arms. Her warm smile drew me in further and something in me wanted to give her a hug, even though we were complete strangers.  A few months later, she spoke at a school forum about a group she had where teens could come and talk about things we couldn't talk about with adults. I wanted so badly to participate, but I was scared that I wouldn't be allowed to.
    A year or so later, I started seeing Racquel at activities outside school. My mom and Racquel started talking more; and around October, I fell into what felt like an all time low. I asked my mom if I could see Racquel professionally. My mom said yes and it felt life changing.  
 With Racquel as my coach, I had someone in my life who listened to my every problem, no matter how big or small, and helped me see the bright side of every dark moment. She helped me see solutions to problems I thought were unsolvable, and through her I realized just what I was capable of. Throughout the time we spent together, we shared tears, laughter, and praise. Many times when I came to her, I would rant about my day. In very few words, we would find a solution and come to a "hell yeah!" moment. The praise this woman gave me for seeing what I am capable of brought me tears of happiness. Not only has Racquel given me an amazing life coach, but she has given me a friend and person to come to when I feel I have nobody.  There are not enough words to describe how amazing Racquel is, and how much she's helped me. She helped me out of one of my lowest lows, and pointed out things I knew about myself, but didn't have the strength to appreciate. I'm so thankful for you, Racquel.
I'm so thankful for you, Racquel.

I love you,

Kaylie Smith


Before I was a part of HardBeauty my life was a mess.
I have struggled with abandonment most of my life due to my mothers drug and alcohol use.
I didn't have healthy relationships.
I was disconnecting from family and I was mad at world.
l was depressed and self-harming.
One morning I woke up with a text that had information about a HOPE group that was being held that night.
"That night," happened to be the same night that I had a planned to end my life.
I only went to appease my stepmother but little did I know that my life would never be the same and not in the way I had planned.
I didn't say much, I just sat there with my arm folded.
I met an amazing group of people who made me feel loved and heard. Not only adults but other peers.
When asked if I was okay, I responded with the usual, "I'm fine." Racquel looked at me and said, "I call bull***t.
That stuck. I started following her on social media and asking questions via dm.
About the 3rd meeting I gave her all of the razor blades that I used, and told her I was ready to take the steps to change my life.
She told me to put hearts on myself every time I felt like self-harming, so I did and slowly, I didn’t need the hearts anymore.
She helped me look at my life differently and I began to shift my perspective.
She has talked me through my anxiety and depression.
So much of my life has changed for the greater...I have stopped self-harming, changed my social media, my friends, pray, meditate, and I am currently in school to become a youth peer recovery coach. I have learned that I am far more powerful than I thought. HardBeauty changed my life forever!

S. Elizabeth

    Hi, there! I was coached by Racquel when I was a troubled young teen. My family relationships were toxic, and that followed into all of my other relationships as well. I wasn’t just in a toxic situation; I was allowing the toxic to surround me. In turn, I became toxic myself.

With the help of Racquel, I was able to realize on my own, just how much I needed to change, and how doing so, my life would change. Racquel is someone who doesn’t just tell you what you have to do. She is someone who pushes YOU to discover what needs to be done. She doesn’t judge, doesn’t point fingers. She loves, empathizes and understands. At the same time, she still gives you every push you need to fly on your own.

Now, I am a young adult, and in a completely different place both physically and mentally. I am consistently blessed to help others, but most importantly, I can help myself.

Without Racquel, I know I would still be in the same toxic cycle.

Amber Elrod

 I’ve had the pleasure of working with Racquel Garcia of Hard Beauty, since April 2018. From the very start, she has been an absolute blessing. Professional, intuitive, responsive, and understanding. She makes you feel like you are her ONLY client.

The focus and advice she provides is priceless and spot on.

Working with her has provided me with the tools (and a little kick in the a$$) to be productive, and work really hard on myself.

She has the biggest heart full of LOVE. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends.

Anonymous Teen

    While my name isn’t present, the good things in my life are. At first I was a bit skeptical of Racquel’s coaching. I thought she was trying to “fix” me, but she didn’t. It’s never her goal to “fix” people into a set belief or idea. Instead she empowers people to bring balance into their own lives without tolerance for bulls***, for a good reason. Read More...



 Oh man, I just want to tell you thank you a million times! Thank you for recommending the mental health first aid training program. I just got done, and I learned so much.

Thanks for believing in me and pushing me out of my comfort zone. A couple months ago, I was struggling with what to do and where to go, so that I could pursue my dream of helping others. Your guidance has made that dream a reality.

Although, I have no idea where this journey will take me, I feel very grateful to have you on my side!

So again, thank you so very much, everything you’ve said and done for me is so appreciated!!!!

 Racquel is my best friend, but that is not why I am here. I am blessed to have her in my life and I am beyond astonished by the work she does. When my daughter was struggling with a few issues, she asked me what she should do. My daughter has always been confident and kind, but there were a few stumbles she faced during these crazy times in 2020. I told her to reach out to Racquel. I told her you can ask her as a coach or as your second mom. My 19 year-old daughter hired Racquel. Because sessions did not involve me I never asked my daughter about her work with Racquel, but she would share at times along the way. It was great to see her thriving and watching the success build her confidence.
But the biggest surprise to me was watching her navigate her new relationship. One night my daughter mentioned that she and her boyfriend had a terms and conditions agreement in their relationship. She mentioned that it was something that she learned from her first interaction with Racquel. Apparently there is an agreement that Racquel enters with each of her clients, an expectations document. My daughter mentioned that she and her boyfriend started with two terms and now have five. They talk about when the agreement needs to be changed.
As I shared this with Racquel, she was stunned. This relationship agreement is not something she teaches her clients. It was tool to start the therapy sessions that my daughter picked up. I learned the next day that it was not even my daughter who picked it up. In fact, her boyfriend heard her mention it once during a coffee date. When they decided to date, he asked her if she would be interested in a terms and conditions relationship agreement. Hearing this helped me realize that what my daughter had learned was a lesson she will take going forward for the remainder of her life. She has learned to ask for what she wants in relationship. She has learned to better care for herself.

Thank you, Racquel. I am humbled by your work and your heartfelt desire to help the youth of today!

Tiffany K.

    Being part of a specific young person’s journey has been something that has helped me learn and grow so much. Being able to learn from Racquel is something I am grateful for every day. One day we were at a high school and there were probably 50 teens that rushed up shouting “MOM” to Racquel, as we walked down the hallway to hear an amazing speech given by this young girl. It was clear to me that Racquel has helped so many teens. Learning to coach from her has helped me grow into a better coach and has benefited a few kiddos already! So proud of #Sweetgirl and so thankful for #HardBeauty


Robin's story is epic...

    While we each have our own personal hard and beautiful stories, we are more alike than different, more connected than you might think. This is my HardBeauty story. I was born and raised in Colorado by my single mom. I spent a great deal of my childhood being the adult in our home because my mom was a hard core alcoholic and drug addict. I had responsibilities that were far beyond the reach and understanding of a child, but I had no choice. My mom was doing the best she could, given what she had to work with. She did better than the generations that came before her.

     Most of us are working to break the cycles of generational curses handed down and I am no different. I spent most of my life letting my experiences define me rather than learning and growing from them. I lived in a hamster ball. From home, I moved into many unhealthy relationships, group homes, homeless shelters, and countless poor choices. I thought that ball kept me safe. Sometimes outside forces would send me spinning out of control. Sometimes I tried to take control with no training how to do so. Sometimes I’d send myself reeling down a path that I knew was no good. Once in a while, I’d get help through therapy that would put me on a better path. Sometimes I’d let the outside forces push me in whichever direction while I’d lie down and play dead. And when the outside forces were done tossing me around for a while, I chose to stay in that ball and still play dead. Better safe than sorry, right? No matter the situation, I never let anyone in my ball. I thought I was supposed to be, “strong”, and do it on my own, take care of my own problems.  At the age of 38, with the help of Racquel, I finally understood that I could step out of that ball. I learned that trying to see and reach a destination while trapping myself in that ball alone was a fool’s journey. I found out that the journey is more important than the destination and yet equally as hard/beautiful. I am learning that, while my experiences help shape me, they do not define me. I get to define myself by either choosing to stay small and sheltered or choosing to live fully through the HardBeauty work. Let me tell you, this has not been an easy path. Then again, what is ever truly worth having that one hasn’t worked hard for?

     I’ve learned through Racquel that the motivation is never coming; I’ve got to create it for myself. I’ve learned that pretty much no one likes the hard work of healthy routines, but it's what’s necessary to accomplish my goals. I’ve learned that baby steps are okay, at no matter what age, in order to achieve what I want in life. I’ve learned to be more accepting of the road blocks that I encounter because everyone encounters them. I’m learning to be more gentle on myself when I am faced with challenges rather than beating myself up for not having seen them in advance or not getting through them sooner. I am learning that I am enough, exactly where I am, no matter the circumstances… and I always will be. I am learning that there is no such thing as perfection and I am worthy, even with all my imperfections. I am learning that I need to rest along the way, but not give up. I am building mental/emotional/spiritual stamina that will sustain me throughout all my journeys. I am learning to appreciate the journey of growth that has no end and celebrate my achievements along the way, no matter how seemingly big or small.  Let me tell you; Racquel’s coaching is not for the feint of heart. But if you want to experience more breakthroughs than breakdowns, you’ll be in far better hands with Racquel than you would be alone. I spent a month doing intense HardBeauty coaching every single day in Racquel’s home in Colorado.

    Since I came back to Seattle in January, I have gained the confidence in myself to face whatever I encounter while still reaching my goals. On the toughest days, I now know they’re only temporary and I will get through them. I have close friends that hold my hand and hold me accountable. And on the rare occasion that I need a little more support, I know I can call Racquel. It has been a wild eight months; however, I’ve done more work in that time than I had done in the previous 38 years. I know I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without HardBeauty.