Coach Tiffany Kuhwede 

Tiffany Kuhwede serves as the Senior Coach for HardBeauty, as well as the Program Director for Unbroken by HardBeauty. Growing up in Woodland Park, CO, she had experienced a multitude of traumas from an early age, including divorce and family separation, abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence, resulting in low self-worth. She gave birth to her first child, a son, shortly before graduating from Woodland Park High School. The next few years, Tiffany's time was spent raising her son, working behind bars, and partying in front of them. She became a single mother of two after giving birth to her daughter. Although she had furthered her education, obtaining associate degrees in medical assisting and health information technology, her professional resume was limited to bar experience. Her days were spent embracing motherhood, her nights were dedicated to school, and partying turned into hiding to down a few pre-work cocktails. Physically, mentally, and emotionally she was filled to the brim with traumatic experiences, and while there was no capacity to absorb any more, she then lost her brother to suicide. As a result, she became chronically ill, living each day in unfathomable pain. During this time, she graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs with a bachelor's degree in communications and a minor in psychology. Throughout her collegiate pursuit, she was slowly and quietly killing herself with opioids. Her goal was to alleviate her physical pain, but the pills were taking her body and brain with it. Traumas, an arrest, unhealthy decision-making, self-destructive behaviors, no longer sharing the same roof as her children, and literal minutes from death, Tiffany found herself at an impasse. Mustering as much strength and inspiration as she could, she made the decision to change. To live. Not only for herself, but for her children. Her journey of healing began with employment at TESSA in Colorado Springs where she worked as a Confidential Victims Advocate.

Today, Tiffany is the creator and director of HardBeauty's Unbroken program and facilitator of a 12-week informational group coaching course. She is actively studying for her National Peer Recovery Support Specialist certification. She trains incoming coaches to HardBeauty. She is a Master Level Reiki Practitioner and business owner of her practice. She supports HardBeauty's pro-spiritual branch, offering virtual reiki and singing bowl sessions, and collaborating with other healers to promote spiritual growth. She is in a safe, happy, and healthy partnership with her husband. Together, they are homeowners and life gurus to her children. Her son is a kind, responsible man who never ceases to make his mama proud. Her daughter is a wise and creative human who shares an open and communicative bond with her mother. Tiffany utilizes her recovery and growth to help others do the same. Her impact on those around her, personally and professionally, is a bright light of positivity and encouragement. She aspires to propel the success of Unbroken, helping people across the globe, and literally changing the world.