Ty Cope, PRC
Recovery Coach  

    My history as far as substance use is far from noteworthy in the world addicts and alcoholics. If you know addiction, you know my story.

    I was suffering. I wanted to relieve the suffering. The problem was I didn’t want to address the cause of my suffering. Each time I sought any form treatment, it was an attempt to escape negative consequences or unwanted pressure. It was to escape the suffering. I never truly bought into my recovery until September 2019. 

    I have learned this isn’t just about sobriety or recovery. This is about living life in a way that promotes individual and communal growth and sustainability. The work we do is not just recovery work. It is the path towards living a life of peace. Your recovery is not separate from any other aspect of your life. 

Working a good recovery program simply means that you are intentionally practicing the behaviors and mental patterns needed to avoid the suffering from past trauma and future uncertainties.

Dig deep and stay with it!

Ty Cope