Unbroken by HardBeauty

Peer Recovery Support for survivors and people in recovery from intimate partner, family, or sexual violence.

We focus on the intersectionality of trauma and healing.

We were made to believe that we were broken yet found a different way.

It is our mission to ensure others like us are able to find and regain their power. 

We envision a world healed of intimate partner and family violence thus helping to heal the addiction and mental health disorders that are often a result.  

Our purpose is to offer peer support to those who are healing from intimate partner and family violence as well as those healing from the intersections of mental health struggles and addiction.

Unbroken consists of 3 Peer Recovery Coaches who specialize in recovery from substance use disorder as well as intimate partner and family violence. 

We have 20+ years combined experience working as Confidential Victim's Advocates, working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence and survivors of Human sex and labor trafficking.


Unbroken provides 1 on 1 peer recovery coaching with a survivor to thriver coach to those who are rebuilding their live after surviving intimate partner violence/family violence/sexual assault/human trafficking. These services can be covered by Medicaid or by scholarship, as grant funding allows.  

Survivor to thriver coaches will provide resources and advocacy during the sessions and work with the client so they can self-advocate when it is safe.


In addition to one on one coaching, Unbroken also offers a free 12-week educational group that focuses on healing from and preventing future intimate partner violence. 

We also have free weekly support groups offered virtually on Zoom.